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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: US(Origin)

Type: Sheds & Storage

Frame Material: Metal

Metal Type: Steel

Premium Material: Durable structure and thick galvanized steel,which make it easy to cop

Sturdy Structure: Made of aluminum frames which greatly increase the overall sturdiness.

Thoughtful Design: Comes with 2 integrated punched vents which will not deteriorate again

Easy To Assemble: DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts for your convenience.

Spacious Storage Sheds: Perfect for storing snow blower, lawn mower, outdoor chair, large umbr


Product Description:

High quality materials: Durable structure and thick galvanized steel make it easy to cope with various adverse weather conditions and have a long service life.

Sturdy structure: Made of aluminum frame, greatly enhancing overall durability. Galvanized steel plates are coated with environmentally friendly coatings and can withstand harsh weather conditions, designed specifically for long-term use.

Thoughtful design: Equipped with 2 integrated punched ventilation openings, it will not deteriorate due to sunlight. The transparency of the PC window is good, and there is no need to turn on the lights during the day. Featuring a hinged door and padlock design.

Easy to assemble: For convenience, use pre cut and pre drilled parts for DIY assembly. The uniquely designed aluminum frame not only provides additional durability, but also offers a smooth assembly process.

Spacious storage shed: Perfect for storing snowblowers, lawn mowers, outdoor chairs, umbrellas, fire, bicycles, skateboards, trash cans, children's toys, generators, and other items.

5X3-foot outdoor storage shed with hinged door and padlock utility tool

SKU: 200007763:201336106
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