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Brand Name: RUO WU

General Use: Outdoor Storage


Product Description:

  • Sloped Steel Roof

          The pent roof is sloped to allow water to run off from the top of the shed and prevent premature aging.

  • Double Swing Doors

          Why struggle to get what you need? The swing doors open wide and provide easier access to items stored inside. Can be installed on either            4ft side of the unit.

  • Springlock Latch

          The spring is compressed to unlock the latch, and snaps into a locked position when released. The latch keeps the doors in a sturdy closed              position.

  • Pad-Lockable Doors

          Keep your stored items safe and secure. The double swing doors of the YARDSAVER shed can be secured with a padlock.

  • Galvanized Steel

          The galvanized steel body is treated with zinc to provide superior corrosion resistance and protects the shed against rust and UV exposure.

  • What Fits?

          Use the YARDSAVER shed to store landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers and rakes, garbage cans and recycling bins, bicycles,                  patio furniture, and grills.

Compact Galvanized Steel Storage Shed with Pent Roof, 4' x 7'

SKU: 200007763:201336106
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