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Specific Use: Outdoor Table

Size: 14.96"D x 29"W x 11"H

General Use: Outdoor Furniture

Appearance: Modern Style


Product Description:

The Camping Table and Chairs are suitable for picnic camping, travel, party, BBQ, backyard and fishing.

It can be folded into a small size that allows you to store it in a car or take it outside easily.

Size of chairs:

Small Chair Unfold Size:15L x 15W x14H inches (seat height)/23 inches (back height)

Maximum weight of folding chair:264 pounds

Meidum Chair Unfold Size: 16L x 16W x15H inches (seat height)/25.98 inches (back height)

Maximum weight of folding chair:300 pounds

Large Chair Unfold Size: 18.5L x 18.5W x18H inches (seat height)/29 inches (back height)

Maximum weight of folding chair:400 pounds

Note: There is a tiny error in data which is measured manually



1. To improve stability, retighten the screws after two weeks of assembly.

2. Avoid exposure to the sun, long-term exposure will lead to color distortion and fade.

3. To avoid long-term water soaked, it should be wiped dry as soon as possible otherwise will lead to blistering.

4. Just wipe with a soft cloth if you need clean, try to wring dry to avoid damp.

Folding Lightweight Camping Table with 6 Chairs. Green, Blue, & Brown Variants

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