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Product Description:

  • Rapid Cooling: Experience quick and efficient cooling with our mini car fridge. Equipped with an upgraded compressor, it can cool from 77°F to 32°F in just 15 mins, and cool to -4℉ in one hour, ensuring your beverages and food stay refreshingly chilled. It even performs flawlessly at a 45° inclination, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures or work on the go.

  • Quiet and Energy Efficient: Our portable car fridge consumes only 0.6kw.h of energy per 24 hours, providing impressive energy efficiency that saves power. And its boasts whisper-quiet operation, emitting less than 45db of noise when running. You can focus on your work or enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without disturbance.

  • Dual-Zone Temperature Control: The two zones can be customized for insulation or refrigeration purposes, and the temperature can be adjusted between -4°F to 50°F to suit your specific needs. With a generous total capacity of 37QT, you can easily refrigerate and store an assortment of beverages, fruits, meats, seafood, and more, ensuring you have everything you need for your daily adventures.

  • Versatile for Family and Car Use: The car refrigerator comes with a 138-inch/3.5m car cigarette lighter line and a household conversion plug, enabling you to use it in various settings, including your home, yacht, RV, car, truck, or van.

  • Sturdy Construction: Our portable refrigerator is built to last. Crafted with a robust PP shell, it provides exceptional resistance against collisions and falls. Whether you're on rough terrains or in extreme temperature conditions, it ensures the box body remains intact within a wide temperature range of -4°F to 158°F.





VEVOR 38L-53L Portable Car Refrigerator for RV Travelling, Camping, & Fishing

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