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Model Number: Bee hive

Beekeeping products: For beekeeping

beekeeping supplies: apiculture

Beehive: beekeeping tools set beekeeping equipment


Packing Details:

Top Cover                    1   Fir Wood   55*45*14cm

Inner Cover                 1   Fir Wood   51*41*2cm

Honey Super Box     1   Fir Wood   51*41*25cm

Honey Key                   1   Stainless Steel

Honey Tube                7   Acrylic

Screen Board            1   Gauze        51*41cm

Queen Excluder        1   Bamboo    51*41cm

Brood Box                   1   Fir Wood   51*41*26cm      

Bottom Board           1   Fir Wood   55*41*4cm


Wooden Box Bee Hive with 7pcs Beekeeping Honey Collection Equipment

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